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Modi ki guarantees’ are falling flat! – Senior Congress leaders from USA and UK attack BJP in a press conference in Chandigarh…

Chandigarh, May 16, 2024. – Indian Oversees Congress senior leaders held a press conference today at Press Club, Chandigarh. Mohinder Singh Gilizan, President, Indian Oversees Congress USA, Kamal Dhaliwal, President, Indian Oversees Congress UK, R C Sharma IOC Canada, Charanjit Modgil IOC Estonia, Gurpreet Sobi IOC USA & Simranjot Singh IOC Finland on Thursday rallied to launch a frontal attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, accusing the BJP government of ruining the economy, undermining democracy, and threatening socio-cultural fabric of the country.

Highlighting the quid pro quo arrangements of BJP, Mohinder Singh Gilizan, President, Indian Oversees Congress USA vented about the Electoral Bond scheme calling it a scam “What the electoral bonds scheme has done is to ensure “ease of doing crony capitalism” and distort the market in a way that propagates inequality. When the scheme was introduced, the PM claimed it would clean the political system. But the BJP government concealed details of the donors and the number of donations received through electoral bonds before the Supreme Court struck it down. When data was made public, it was clear that after a company secured a government contract, businessmen gave crores to the BJP through electoral bonds the very next day. When CBI or ED enquiry was instituted against such firms, they donated through electoral bonds and the investigation was stopped. It was simply ‘Chanda do aur Dhanda lo’.”

He also spoke about tainted leaders of other political parties inducted into BJP are getting “clean chit” in all their corruption cases by the ED. Lashed out on the bjp government about mocking the Global Hunger Index which states India being in a serious situation and the need to provide free rashan to 80 crore families.

Addressing the media, Kamal Dhaliwal, President, Indian Oversees Congress UK lambasted the ruling government and said, “Now that Modi ki guarantees are falling flat Modi has turned to a dangerous narrative of Mangalsutra, Muslim and Mutton politics. Prime Minister is playing dirty politics which boils down to two fear-mongering staples: “Muslims are coming to rob you and dishonour your women!” Prime Minister Modi is clutching at the mangalsutra. Because he is afraid, he is drowning. He has no real agenda barring Hindu-Muslim politics

Mr. Dhaliwal also touched upon the issues of unemployment and inflation. He stated that the unemployment rate among youth stands at 40% and nearly 60-65% of the unemployed are educated. Inequality, unemployment among youth, inflation of various commodities and household debt are at an all-time high. Despite promises, the unemployment rate over recent years indicates not enough jobs have been added in the last 10 years.

Other Senior leaders also spoke about India being the 5 largest economy but per capita income is lower than much smaller countries. The rich are becoming richer, and the poor are becoming poorer. India falling one position from last year in the recently released Henley Passport Index for 2024. The Indian passport ranks 85th. If Modi is the world leader than why is our passport rank slipping? Questioned the leaders.

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