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Training given to children during Gurmati training camp…

A Gurmati training camp was organized under the patronage of Bibi Tarvinder Kaur Khalsa in collaboration with the International Sikh Council.

The camp was held from May 25 to June 5 at Gurdwara Singh Sabha 29 Block, West Patel Nagar, New Delhi. Parents of children participated in this camp with great enthusiasm. In this, children were told about Gurmukhi studies, Sikh history, Gurbani and

Global Middas Foundation and it’s founder S.Inder Preet Singh have always fully contributed and supported the Gurmat Initiatives.

On this occasion, Bibi Chanpreet Kaur, Bibi Nirmal Kaur and Istri Satsang Sabha specially introduced the children to Gurmati knowledge, Sikh history, Kirtan and Gurmukhi script. On the last day of the camp, members of Bibi Khalsa and Gurdwara 29 Block honored the children with mementos, badges and certificates. After this, Bibi Ji told the children and their parents that studying their Sikh history, Gurbani, Gurmukhi and Kirtan is of special importance in the present time.

It is essential to have this knowledge in every Gursikh family. He said that at this time there is a great need to speak Punjabi, write Gurmukhi, teach children and connect with their heritage.

Finally, thanking the devotees and the Gurdwara Committee, Bibi Khalsa said that he would make every possible effort for this and would also cooperate if needed. On this occasion, Jagjit Singh Muddar, Balbir Singh and other dignitaries participated in the program and presented their valuable views.

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